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Greg Tang's “Less Is More" Approach to Enjoying Math

This powerful learning style was created by Harvard professor and world-renown author, Greg Tang. With over 4,000 workshops and conferences logged, Greg has paved a new way for both teachers and students to deepen their understanding and enjoyment of math.

Greg Tang's "Less is More" approach focuses on how to help students think about numbers in a smarter way.

To learn more about his philosophy on finding simple solutions to seemingly complicated math problems (and enjoying the process) you can watch his TedTalk here.

TangMath.com is your essential math companion for PK-5 teachers, combining teaching, modeling, assessment, diagnostics, and differentiation in one user-friendly platform. With a systematic approach, visual models, and engaging activities,

Tang Math simplifies math instruction. Seamlessly integrate it into your lessons, track progress effortlessly, and cater to individual needs. Elevate your math teaching experience with TangMath.com – the comprehensive solution for a more effective and enjoyable classroom. #tangmath

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