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Educators & coaches

Enables teachers to manage and create lessons for accelerated classrooms and classrooms with diverse learning abilities to aid in differentiation.

Schools & Districts

Enhances any curriculum and provides increased instruction time & resources to help achieve district and state objectives.


Ignites student’s interest, confidence and good learning habits allowing them to improve fundamental math skills, develop number-sense & automaticity through play.


Nurtures the home/school connection to enable parents to better help their child with the continuum of the learning environment at home.







These have been the most important resource for online learning.  It’s all about using math and learning math in a fun way.  I highly recommend it to any teacher or parent.   It’s the perfect way for kids to hone their math skills.

SD Unified

Math specialist , San Diego CA

When To Use

Remote Learning

Products for remote learning, hybrid learning in the classroom, teacher resources, or parent-student home resources 


For those students who want to expand their knowledge beyond grade level 


For those students who need extra instruction to master grade level skills


For students who have emerging skills needing extra resources to master grade level concepts

Small Group Work

For collaborative grouping that allows students to share strategies and problem solving options


Quick activities to prepare students for the daily lessons or refresh their skills from the previous days lessons

Independent Practice

Used to develop independent learning opportunities after guided instruction and small group work


Up to 300 Player Family Math Night Kits  to help communities come together in a fun & entertaining way.

Featured Products

World class resources and games carefully designed by math experts like Greg Tang.  Enhance your curriculum and instantly ignite your students interest in math and improve test scores across the board.   

Whether it’s in person or virtual learning, we are confident you will see results from the very first time you use our products.

Power Packs Bundles & Classroom Kits

Simple fun & effective solution to keep kids engaged and motivated. 

  Each game targets an important strategy, skill or standard, providing hours of practice for students at school or at home. 

Great for online enrichment and intervention activities.

Manipulative Kits for Teachers & Students

Our NEW Multi-Functional K-6 Manipulative Kit is our best product yet.   

Each piece has been hand-selected by Greg Tang.  It’s precise, elegant & works perfectly with every curriculum we know.

Your #1 must-have for every student and teacher, regardless of their grade level.

Home Packs & Individual Card Game Sets

Our most popular games individually tailored to meet each grade level.  

Home Kits are perfect to send home with your students and have helped hundreds of districts through our customized sets.

 Help your kids build strong mental math skills.  FACT Fluency starts at home!

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The best results we’ve seen, stem from an enthusiastic math advocate who wants to give their students or kids every advantage they possibly can.

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