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A puzzle book 100% Math based that’s going to help your kids learn to think strategically and get the repetition and practice they need to be good in math.


So if your kids cringe at the thought of numbers, or if they just want to stay ahead of the learning curve, then you need this puzzle book because, among other things, Kakooma will “trick” your kids into doing hundreds of calculations.

WARNING: Kakooma is addictive!!


Do You Kakooma?

Talk to most kids about math, and they’ll probably tell you “I’m not very good at math.” Unfortunately, they’re probably right. US students ranked 25th out of 34 countries in a recent OECD study, far behind students from Shanghai, Singapore, South Korea, and Finland. So what can parents and teachers do to help our children improve? We can start by playing more games with them, especially well-designed ones.


Games are a great way for kids to learn to think strategically and get the repetition and practice they need to be good in math. From a teaching perspective, games should develop the right math skills. Children, however, are looking to have fun. Unfortunately, many math games sacrifice teaching effectiveness in the name of fun.


Effective math games should have high “math density,” which means most of the time playing the game should be spent on math. Too often kids are attracted to a game because of the non-math rewards they get. Answer a problem correctly, and they get to shoot something or collect a prize. As a result, most of their time and attention is focused on shooting and collecting things, not on math.


Wouldn’t it be great if kids were rewarded for solving math problems . . . with more math problems? That’s the way my new math game called Kakooma works. The problems are deceptively difficult, annoyingly addictive, and fiendishly fun. They “trick” kids into doing hundreds of calculations. And what do kids say when they’re finally finished? “Give me another one!”


 Ready to Kakooma?


The rules for Kakooma are simple. In each four to nine-number square, find the one number that is the sum of two other numbers. Use all the sums to create one final “puzzle-in-a-puzzle” and solve. Sounds easy, right? Sometimes it is, but often the answer is right in front of you and you just can’t see it. That’s the hook. Teachers love Kakooma because kids end up doing tons of math. Kids love Kakooma because it’s fun.


Now let’s Kakooma!


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