K-6 Math Manipulative Kit

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Built by Educators, our NEW Multi-Functional K-6 Manipulative Kit is PRECISE & ELEGANT.  We challenged ourselves to create the most widely functional set of manipulatives for students and teachers in K-5

Each of the 160 pieces was hand-selected by math experts.

• Easy to carry, store & clean. Perfectly fits in a small container

• For individual Students (& Teachers)

• Elementary Math Manipulative Kit

• 100% Essentials & Minimalistic > no more no less

• Color blind-friendly

• Reusable templates with Dry-erase marker

• Multifunctional, Sleek and unique.


Over 160 Pieces

√ Disks (Base Ten)

√ Rods (Cuisenaire)

√ Cubes (Unifix)

Template & Diagram Sheets – 10 essentials  (Ten Frames to 35, Part Part Whole, Rod Measuring Stick, Number Bonds)




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