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100% Free Math Game To Enhance Your Childs Learning

NumTanga uses multiple representations to teach and reinforce the most essential concepts, conventions, and notations that kids need to know.

And now, you can easily download, print, and have your own set for your home or classroom.

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"This is a fun, colorful game that has lots of learning opportunities and strategy involved"

3 Simple Steps:
#1 Print
#2 Cut
#3 Play
Grandmother teaching to granddaughter at home
"TANG MATH For Life!!"

Numtanga is one of two games we’ve played from this company. 7 year old niece loves to choose from the pictures and create matches... she really gets into it! Her teacher has noticed improvement in her math skills, she’s so happy about this! It’s also really easy to carry these cards in purse and take to play most anyplace. Will be purchasing more of these games!

- Math Mom

"So Grateful For This!"

"I loved this GAME! Total Fun and educational! My kids loved it. It really helps them think quick with math! My daughter loved it so much she is taking it to school to show her teacher! Awesome! Totally worth it!"

- Game Schooler

"A FUN way to do MATH!"

"I bought these when I realized we were going to be doing at home learning for awhile. These are a fun way to sneak in some math with my kids (ages 6 and 8) while still having fun and playing a game. We've come up with several fun ways to use them and I can see we'll be getting a lot more use out of them with this upcoming school year. One person found this helpful"

- Mr Consultant

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